We only offer refunds for situations where the product doesn't work, or doesn't do what we claim, and in either case, we need you to provide information as to why it does not do as we claim.

Our refund policy covers faults where the fault is described so we can take action to fix it for all customers & does not cover change of heart.

First, please confirm you are running the latest version of the theme or plugin, and have watched our step-by-step tutorial videos as 99% of issues are covered there.

If you have followed our tutorials/instructions & the product has not performed as expected, then please allow us to help rectify the problem. And if we can’t, then we will issue you a full refund as promised within 48HRS.

We ask that you record a screencast video using https://www.techsmith.com/jing-tool.html (Free tool) so we can understand the problem better.

For us to find out what could be causing the problems, please provide us with additional info such as:

  1. WP version
  2. Browser name and version
  3. Your blog link and WP admin access details (you can create a temporary access for us)

If we find that the issue is not related to a problem with our theme/plugin (ie. it's a WP issue), we will refer you back to the tutorial videos &/or point out where you may have gone wrong...

The refund policy on our sales pages state: "But let’s be straight - if you plan on buying then immediately asking for a refund, please don’t! This is a strictly limited offer, so if you’re not committed to your success then kindly leave the license for others who are. Our goal is to work with serious marketers that are ready to take their business to the next level."