1. What happens to the people who opt in? Who owns that list and where are they hosted?

The standard account keeps everything managed for you, mailing on your behalf placing your affiliate links in emails that go to your leads.  If you would like to download your list you can upgrade your account from inside your members area.

2. Is 1 credit=1 mission? How much is a credit?

1 credit allows you to activate 1 mission. 1 credit costs $9.97.


3. Do I have to write emails, upload the reports (don't know how to) and send tweets ( I don't have a Twitter account and don't want one)?

Each mission provides you with promo tools you can use to promote the product. These include a link to the squeezepage, a tracking link, ready made emails, tweets, PPC campaigns and banners. You can select how you would want to promote. You may use some or all of the tools available.

4. Do I get the total commission offered by Clickbank, JVZoo, etc?



Each product displays the percentage of commissions you can earn with every sale. Percentage may differ per product.


5. How do you make money?


When someone purchases a product using your affiliate link, you earn commissions for that sale.

For every purchase made through your affiliate link, commissions will appear either in your Clickbank or JVZoo account. Make sure that you have entered your JVZoo and/or Clickbank ID in your profile.


The system includes tutorials that will guide you on how to set up and promote. We also have a money back guarantee, so that you can request to refund your purchase if you feel that the program is not for you.

Have an awesome 'wealth building' day!