Existing Covert Video Press customers get the updates for free.

You can download the update from your JVZoo portal here: 
=> https://www.jvzoo.com/portal

We don't change the names of the files, so don't worry that it is the same file name. 

After you have downloaded the update from the JVZoo Portal, please follow the instructions here:http://covertvideopress.com/theme_update/std/update.html

To make things really easy, we have put together some upgrade instructions and highly recommend following them by using the  "Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrade" plugin.  This way you won't have to delete the theme first and you won't lose any settings or customization (like widgets).

Once the update is done, and you experience problems, it could be related to a browser cache issue. So we recommend refreshing the page a few times to make sure the update files are now being used by the browser and not the old ones stored in the cache.

Do let us know if you encounter problems after the update.

Have an awesome 'wealth building' day!